Three Falls

Three Falls is a large city-state (large city, small state) sitting at the north end of the navigable part of the Inarap River, on the eastern shore of Three Falls Lake. The lake is five leagues long and a league wide at its southern end, but tapers to a narrow tip at its northern point.

It is surrounded in its northern sides by sheer granite cliffs that tower above the water. It is on this end of the lake that the Skelrandan, Kelah, and mighty Iayit rivers come thundering down from the mountains above. Because of their force and height, the falls throw up an enormous mist and are thus visible only on the hottest and driest of days. Strange flora, unique only to that location, clings thickly to the cliff walls; a small self contained jungle thrives within the heart of the desert and the deafening roar of the falls.

Three Falls itself sits about a league and a half south to the south, and so the falls are normally visible only as a constant cloud sitting to the north, and drowned out by the noises of the city. Originally the city sat on the northern edge of a peninsula and surrounding islands, but the shallow area of the lake to the north has long since been transformed into a vast plantation of fruit bearing mangrove trees; one of the city’s rare agricultural exports.

Three Falls derives almost all of its income and power through trade. It is the first town south of the mountain pass, and so every year caravans from the north and trading barges from the south meet to exchange goods and trade. The city also boasts an impressive collection of craftsmen who create a large manufacturing sector. While the resident population is around 35,000, the city can easily swell to twice that many during the month long Grand Faire held every year surrounding the Autumnal Equinox.

Three Falls, like all cities, is a city of extremes, ranging from the wattle slums huddled outside the southern wall to the marble palaces and pleasure gardens of the noble families located a stone’s throw away on the other side of the wall.

Three Falls

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