This page is just where I’m going to list the things your characters have learned.

Bandits have been hijacking the grain barges going from Inisrap to Three Falls. Based on what the bandits told you, while befallen to spell, is that they were stealing the barges to then resell the grain themselves.

The halfing farmers in East Bend are suffering beneath the weight of increased taxes from Lord Krenos. Krenos is a vassal of Veross, the king of Three Falls, and rules the East Bend region. According to Drona and Getrix, the daughter and future son-in-law of Kri-tynn, Krenos has been trying to curry favor with Veross.

The (brief) legend regarding the sage’s palace: in the early days of the Great War, a mighty and wise sage believed he had discovered a key to powerful magic and invited several other scholars to discuss this with him. At some point during this conference, a great curse befell the palace. The sage ordered his men to leave and seal the door. As they were running away, the looked behind them and saw the mountain come crashing down upon the palace. Recently, a local shepherd boy discovered a fountain buried under a boulder, with the holy symbol of the ancient sages upon it. Lord Krenos had been planning on looting the palace in order to impress the king, but the first group of men he sent inside did not return.


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