Hi, welcome to my campaign. Here is a brief description, so you can see if it’s something you’re interested in.

The campaign is going to be primarily a wilderness based game set in arid mountains and some tropical highlands. The technology and political levels will be fairly low, late dark ages/early medieval.

The fact that it’s a wilderness game doesn’t mean there won’t be social interaction. There will be plenty of it, it will just mostly happen in small towns the characters pass through, and with encounters in the wilderness, rather than it all being centered in one city or empire. I’m going to make sure some themes, plots, and stories run throughout the campaign. However, the game will be more action and adventure than intrigue or slow, political machination. That said, I’ll work super hard to make sure everyone gets the chance to actualize their character concept.

A couple of house rules/themes: 1) I’m not going to use alignments. Individuals may be good or evil, but for the most part antagonists will be antagonists because their goals oppose the goals of the party. 2) Magic will be rare, so magic items will be higher level but less frequent.

Ashes of Lost Time

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