Half-Elven Ranger


Janacyn is the only child of Lungus and Sabia. Her parents are butchers near the city of Three Falls. She had a fairly normal childhood. Early on she found she had an affinity with animals and with the outdoors. She would go to the fields near the city and play with the animals she found there. She found she loved animals so much she could not bring herself to eat them anymore. Her parents thought it was just a phase she was going through. She would frequently name and befriend the animals in the neighborhood. One day when she was about 13, her parents brought home some cows. One calf in particular caught her eye and she befriended him. She called him Frisky and played with him every day for several months. One day she went to the pasture to find the Frisky and found he wasn’t there. She ran to her parents to tell them Frisky was missing and found out that they had slaughtered the calf for a customer. Janacyn left her home in a fit of pique. She was determined to leave the city and become a ranger. Although she forgave them eventually, she decided that she wanted to be a ranger and not become a butcher like her parents so she went searching far and wide for someone to train her. She eventually found a ranger named Torak who took her in for training. She found she took to her calling well and trained for several years. At some point she found a hawk who became her companion. She eventually took off on her own seeking work where she could find it.

One day she found work for this farmer who had trouble with the local wild life getting into his fields of grain. She stayed with the family and chased the wild life out of the fields. She was about to move on when the farmstead was overrun with a gang of Orcs! Janacyn was nearly killed and the last sight she saw before she went unconscious was one particularly nasty Orc who slit the throat of the young daughter of the farmer. She will never forgive the look of sheer glee as he killed the girl. She is determined to find this Orc and slay him.

Now Janacyn is heading back to Three Falls to reunite with her parents and maybe to find more adventuring work.


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